Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Latest Bankroll

So, my BR has taken a battering, due to 3 things:
1)I've been donking about, for fun;
and 2)I've been playing Pot Limit and Limit ring, and I'm still learning, but it's all good!
and 3)I did a small br contest at Full Tilt, and gave away about $30 to the winners
Poker Stars $0
Full Tilt $85.39
Absolute $0.33
Virgin $19.93
Rileys $56.00
UltimateBet $4.00
Neteller $0.22
Total $165.87

Have a good day!

1 comment:

Custo said...

Hey mate, wheres all the updates? Hows the family life, hope the past problems have settled down. Hope all is well