Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Bankroll update

Haven't really played much poker lately, because of work/other commitments, and the poker I have played has just been donk play, where I'm not too bothered if I lose, as it's only micro buy-ins. I did play a $3 rebuy ($6000 gauranteed) at FT the other night, purely because a player I admire, and know through CardsChat was entered, and I was hoping to get on the same table as him. There were 753 entries, payout was to the top 126 players. I played tight from the start, rebought and added-on at the end of the rebuy period, so total entry was $9.30. I hit some good hands after the break, at one point I was 19th out of 250 left, but then there was a crazy hand where I flopped a set, but the other guy went all-in chasing his flush, which he caught on the river, to cripple me. I tilted for 5 minutes, let of some steam at the all-in guy, then apologised and said 'well played' to him, and got back to my game. In the end I came 93rd, for a payout of $16.64 so I made a small profit, but I was more happy to have played well throughout the mtt, and if the guy hadn't had hit his flush earlier, I think I might have final tabled it, with some luck.
My FT account has actually gone down, but that's only because I made a small competition on CardsChat to celebrate my 3oooth post, and awarded $5 to the winner.
Anyway, bankroll as of now:
PokerStars $0.05
Full Tilt $75.24
Absolute $0.33
Virgin $89.14
Rileys $55.43
Neteller $0.22
Total $220.41


Sunday, 27 July 2008

Just a brag

So, as I've been at work all week (nights), I haven't played much poker, apart from the odd ring session, or freeroll. This morning I sat down at virginpoker and played a 1 euro mtt, 70 entrants. I played tight/agressive all the way, with a few bluffs near the bubble.

Final table I was chipleader, by a long way, so I concentrated on the low to medium stacks, and tried to avoid the big stacks unless I had a hand. In the end I knocked out 7 of the last 8, and went into HU with 3-1 chips. It took 30 minutes, HU, but eventually I won, with a FH. Payout was 21 euros, for a 1 euro buy-in.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Current Bankroll

Ok, just a quick update as to where my bankroll is, currently. I have a new account at rileyspoker, purely because I'm a member of the local rileys pool/poker hall, and just by depositing the minimum ($20) I get £30($60) worth of pool table time/poker tournament entries/drinks vouchers, so it's all good. Not only that, but I got a 100% match-up bonus, and they also threw in $15 straight away, with no need for clearance! In the end, I deposited $40.

Anyway, current bankroll:

PokerStars $0.05

Full Tilt $79.90

Absolute $0.33

Virgin $65.76

Rileys $55.13

Neteller $0.22

Total $201.39

Monday, 21 July 2008

AA holds up at virginpoker!

.05/0.10 Texas Hold'em (No Limit )

- 21 July 2008 08:15:45 Turbo TH 80 (Real /Cash Game )

Seat 1: Gissc27 (10.63)

Seat 2: vanbonmol (9.88)

Seat 3: mezarciiii (14.44)

Seat 4: gereblye (9.90)

Seat 5: JorgeJP (22.09)

Seat 6: jimaga (10.82)

Seat 7: Vicart (15.27)

Seat 8: KerouacDog (4.65)

Seat 9: Maureli (5.51)

Seat 10: RobRit (10.00)

KerouacDog post SB 0.05 Maureli post BB 0.10

KerouacDog [As, Ac]

RobRit Fold

Gissc27 Fold

vanbonmol Call 0.10

mezarciiii Fold

gereblye Fold

JorgeJP Fold

jimaga Call 0.10

Vicart Call 0.10

KerouacDog Raise to 0.70

Maureli Call 0.70

vanbonmol Call 0.70

jimaga Fold

Vicart Fold

*** Flop(Board): *** : [7c, 5c, 5h]

KerouacDog Bet 1.15

Maureli Fold

vanbonmol All-in 9.18

KerouacDog All-in 3.95

*** Turn(Board): *** : [7c, 5c, 5h, Ks]

*** River(Board): *** : [7c, 5c, 5h, Ks, 2h]

*** Showdown *** : Rake: 0.51 Total Pot: 9.69

Gissc27 Fold Win: 0.00

vanbonmol [10d, 10s] Two pair tens and fives Win: 0.00

KerouacDog [As, Ac] Two pair aces and fives Win: 9.69

session was 250 hands in total, over 2 tables, in about an hour 15 minutes.
I bought in at each for $5, walked away with $23.96, for a profit of $13.96, very nice, thanks!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Sh*t HH's below

Really sorry about the HH's that I posted, if anyone knows how to convert them with those fancy replay-players', can they contact me here, or at Cardschat?

Lost buy-in, then won it back, and more!

0.05/0.10 Texas Hold'em (No Limit )

20 July 2008 08:07:47 TH Mini 22 (Real /Cash Game )

Seat 1: pawlush (11.75)

Seat 2: Wallbanger1 (8.42)

Seat 3: davidi0087 (9.65)

Seat 4: n00b11 (5.00)

Seat 5: Karlos97 (11.32)

Seat 6: ?__AMEN__? (10.17)

Seat 7: Vovan-M (2.00)

Seat 9: hurkagurka (9.65)

Seat 10: KerouacDog (4.90)

KerouacDog post SB 0.05 pawlush post BB 0.10

** Deal **

KerouacDog [Ad, Kc]

*** Bet Round 1 ***

Wallbanger1 Fold

davidi0087 Fold

Karlos97 Call 0.10

?__AMEN__? Fold

hurkagurka Fold

KerouacDog Raise to 0.40

pawlush Fold

Karlos97 Call 0.40

*** Flop(Board): ***

: [Jc, 5c, Ac]

*** Bet Round 2 ***

KerouacDog Bet 0.40

Karlos97 Call 0.40

*** Turn(Board): ***

: [Jc, 5c, Ac, 3s]

*** Bet Round 3 ***

KerouacDog Bet 0.90

Karlos97 Raise to 1.80

KerouacDog All-in 4.10

Karlos97 Call 4.10

*** River(Board):

*** : [Jc, 5c, Ac, 3s, 10h]

*** Showdown ***

: Rake: 0.49

Total Pot: 9.41

Karlos97 [4h, 2s] Straight to the five

Win: 9.41

grrrrrrrrr, call a 4xBB PF raise with 42os, ffs! He busted out soon after, unfortunately not by me...

Then this happens,

0.05/0.10 Texas Hold'em (No Limit )

- 20 July 2008 09:15:18 TH Mini 4 (Real /Cash Game )

Seat 1: KerouacDog (11.26)

Seat 2: meneldor (3.00)

Seat 3: IGAM11 (9.50)

Seat 4: ms4400 (7.75)

Seat 5: farmer80 (1.60)

Seat 6: bajnok90 (3.55)

Seat 7: AngryTeddy (12.32)

Seat 8: JasonX7 (8.36)

Seat 9: Joe Bugner (2.49)

Seat 10: KovacsGY (14.25)

Joe Bugner post SB 0.05 KovacsGY post BB 0.10

** Deal **

KerouacDog [Qd, As]

*** Bet Round 1 ***

KerouacDog Raise to 0.40

IGAM11 Call 0.40

ms4400 Call 0.40

farmer80 Fold

bajnok90 Fold

AngryTeddy Fold

Joe Bugner Fold

KovacsGY Fold

*** Flop(Board):

*** : [7h, 3d, Ac]

*** Bet Round 2 ***

KerouacDog Bet 0.70

IGAM11 Call 0.70

ms4400 Call 0.70

*** Turn(Board): ***

: [7h, 3d, Ac, 2s]

*** Bet Round 3 ***

KerouacDog Bet 1.10

IGAM11 Call 1.10

ms4400 Call 1.10

*** River(Board): ***

: [7h, 3d, Ac, 2s, 8h]

*** Bet Round 4 ***

KerouacDog Bet 1.00

IGAM11 Call 1.00

ms4400 Call 1.00

*** Showdown ***

: Rake: 0.48

Total Pot: 9.27

KerouacDog [Qd, As] Pair of aces

Win: 9.27

no idea what the 2 guys had, as virgin HH doesn't show mucked hands, i'd like to think they had weak Aces?

Friday, 18 July 2008

Went deep in $1 rebuy at Full Tilt

So, I entered this $1 rebuy at FT this morning, with the intention of not rebuying, and maybe adding-on at the break. I played tight, doubled up with premium hands a few times, then added-on at the break, as I had a good chipcount. Fast forward to final table, ran well all tourney, stole blinds, made calcualated bluffs etc, and got cheered on by CC crowd (thanks, Zorbs, bob_tiger(yoda to my luke skywalker!) and whodey(?). Shortstacked at FT, managed to win a few races all-in, and ended up 4th, for $73.50. Very happy with play, and result. BR there is looking good for once!

Spare some loose change, guv, for a 10c mtt?!

Ok, this is begging, but so what?, it's my blog, and I have no pride left.
After spunking my PS bankroll this week, I'm down to 3 cents, which isn't gonna get me a game (other than a freeroll, and PS freerolls suck, big-time!), so Im looking for donations, so that I can play the 10 cent, 360 player turbo mtt and maybe cash? I need 7 cents, so I can play one, and I will bring my A game (equivalent to everyone else's X game) to it.
We can even split winnings if you like, I don't care, I just like playing those mtt's, and at the moment I can't afford to redeposit.
What say yee? Can you spare a dime for a guy down on his luck? (OK, I know I spunked it all away, but that doesn't sound as good!)
I'm Kerouacs Dog at PS, just in case you're tempted...................

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Destroyed my bankroll, got banged up in a cell, then busted my hand....what a day!

So, started sunday really early (like, woke up at 4am, after 3 hours sleep!) by playing some poker. Ran hot for 2 or 3 hours, then rather stupidly decided to multi-table (I don't mt) and lost half of my bankroll(about $100 in total). That wasn't too bad, Ive done it before, I have my own 'special' tilt (when I'm super-tired, I get manic), so after I calm down I return my mental state of calmness.
So anyway, it's now 3pm (I pottered around after poker for a couple of hours), and I have to go meet the guys to play golf, it's a regular sunday afternoon thing.
Except this sunday, everyone's busy.
So I'm in town, couple of hours to spare, so have a couple of drinks at the harbour, then go play fruit machines for an hour or so (one of my many vices!).
So, in this arcade, I get into a row with someone I used to work with a long time ago. He had said something derogatory about me a while back and I hadn't seen him since. So, the row escalates and we step outside. I'm no aggresive fighter, I wait for the first punch, then defend myself to my best ability. So he swings at me, misses, and I launch my attack. A few more punches get exchanged, and then he runs off, and I let him go, having got the better of him.
I play the machines for another hour to calm down, then suddenly two policemen approach me, and promptly handcuff me, and throw me in a police van.
I find out that the allegation is that I have caused actual bodily harm (ABH) to another person.
I get thrown in a police holding cell (at the station, no windows, metal door, slot that opens from outside for food, etc) and a thin mattress on a stone-built bed. And that's it, oh, and a lightbulb, out of reach (I called the lightbulb 'lightie', he helped me through the night! (Bed was 'beddie', etc, I name stuff in that solitary so it felt like I had friends with me!
Anyway, let's try and cut this short: I get interviewed, etc, and go back to the cell. By now I'm hungry, real HUNGRY, so I bang on the door and ask for something to eat. Policeman tells me I have to wait. I get annoyed, he leaves me alone to calm down. Me, calm? Not in my state, this place, etc.
I walk to the opposite side of the cell from the metal door, brace myself, run at it, and punch it with my right hand. I swear, at the point of impact, I can hear the door laughing at me! My hand connects with the door, and this intense shock of pain courses through my right hand. Fuck, that hurts, kinda thing! OOOOWWWWEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
Fast forward, they let me out on bail 17 hours after I'd began my solitary confinement, and I am again, a free man (albeit on bail!). I sit down outside the police station, huddle up, and smoke 4 cigarettes in a row (I wasn't allowed to smoke in cell).
I get home 3 hours later, Liz is crying, as she didn't know how long I was going to be locked-up (police had informed her they were holding me). I placate her, then eventually go to bed, as I hadn't slept for about 40 hours in total up to that point.
Slept like a baby for 9 hours (record for me!), then logged back online, as I felt sure I had done some damage to my BR (as well as my right hand which was hurting like Hell, could hardly use it!) and this was what I found:
PokerStars $0.03
Full Tilt $15.40
Absolute $0.33
Virginpoker $80.12
Netteller $6.25
Total $102.13
So, from previous bankroll I'm down roughly $100, got a busted hand, out on bail, and being accused of ABH. Happy times!
PS Have to report back to police in two weeks, will post the result (if any?) then!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Quick post about my current bankroll

I will do this periodically, I guess weekly, see how it goes, anyway.
This is my current bankroll(not including bonuses, of which two are pending/being worked)
PokerStars $43.14
FullTilt $16.10
Absolute $3.13
Virginpoker $135.22
Neteller $6.25
Total $203.84
Not too shabby, seeing as it was all started with $50 three years ago, of which Ive taken £300 out. The virgin account is from 5 euros($7.50 roughly) given to me by them to come back a week ago. Well, I went back, and saw the fish quota, and quietly got my rod and line out and started fishing. So far, it's going good there!
My poker playing is not about increasing my accounts short-term, it's about playing the correct poker (for me) long term. If money comes with it, then thats a bonus.
That's it for now, it's currently 7.45 in europe, those guys have had a long night at virginpoker, they might not be playing their usual D game. Let's just hope my A game is better than their D game!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

My first post

Well, everyone else is doing it, so I thought, why don't I start my own poker blog?
And so, here it begins.
Downhill all the way.....................weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Welcome to my blog, dear reader/spammer, whatever you are, I don't mind either way (although if you're a spammer, have you got the one about penis-enlargment, cause I've lost my copy you sent me last time, before I had a chance to reply that I'm VERY interested)
Anyway, this blog? What's it all about? Well, it's gonna be mainly about poker, and mainly my poker, ie micro-staking freeroll whore, fish-style muppet play, with the rare professional play by me, but mostly it will be amateur play, cause that's all I know.
There will be posts on other poker stuff, mainly stuff that I've nicked from real poker players/magazines/websites etc, so my advice is read it quick, and copy it if need be, cause as soon as it's found out that I've nicked it I will have to remove it.
I'm not gonna update every day, I'm too lazy for that, plus I have a real bad memory, so I'll probably forget I even have a blog for a week or two then suddenly remember, so bear with me, please!
Anyway, next post I'll give you my poker history, and where I'm currently at poker-wise, so you'll know what type/level of player I am. For now I would say fish/donkey would pretty well label me correctly.