Friday, 18 July 2008

Went deep in $1 rebuy at Full Tilt

So, I entered this $1 rebuy at FT this morning, with the intention of not rebuying, and maybe adding-on at the break. I played tight, doubled up with premium hands a few times, then added-on at the break, as I had a good chipcount. Fast forward to final table, ran well all tourney, stole blinds, made calcualated bluffs etc, and got cheered on by CC crowd (thanks, Zorbs, bob_tiger(yoda to my luke skywalker!) and whodey(?). Shortstacked at FT, managed to win a few races all-in, and ended up 4th, for $73.50. Very happy with play, and result. BR there is looking good for once!


rottyowner said...

wtg K-Dog!!!
excellent stuff

kerouacsdog said...

Rotty, thanks for comment, and thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

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