Sunday, 6 July 2008

Quick post about my current bankroll

I will do this periodically, I guess weekly, see how it goes, anyway.
This is my current bankroll(not including bonuses, of which two are pending/being worked)
PokerStars $43.14
FullTilt $16.10
Absolute $3.13
Virginpoker $135.22
Neteller $6.25
Total $203.84
Not too shabby, seeing as it was all started with $50 three years ago, of which Ive taken £300 out. The virgin account is from 5 euros($7.50 roughly) given to me by them to come back a week ago. Well, I went back, and saw the fish quota, and quietly got my rod and line out and started fishing. So far, it's going good there!
My poker playing is not about increasing my accounts short-term, it's about playing the correct poker (for me) long term. If money comes with it, then thats a bonus.
That's it for now, it's currently 7.45 in europe, those guys have had a long night at virginpoker, they might not be playing their usual D game. Let's just hope my A game is better than their D game!

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