Thursday, 3 July 2008

My first post

Well, everyone else is doing it, so I thought, why don't I start my own poker blog?
And so, here it begins.
Downhill all the way.....................weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Welcome to my blog, dear reader/spammer, whatever you are, I don't mind either way (although if you're a spammer, have you got the one about penis-enlargment, cause I've lost my copy you sent me last time, before I had a chance to reply that I'm VERY interested)
Anyway, this blog? What's it all about? Well, it's gonna be mainly about poker, and mainly my poker, ie micro-staking freeroll whore, fish-style muppet play, with the rare professional play by me, but mostly it will be amateur play, cause that's all I know.
There will be posts on other poker stuff, mainly stuff that I've nicked from real poker players/magazines/websites etc, so my advice is read it quick, and copy it if need be, cause as soon as it's found out that I've nicked it I will have to remove it.
I'm not gonna update every day, I'm too lazy for that, plus I have a real bad memory, so I'll probably forget I even have a blog for a week or two then suddenly remember, so bear with me, please!
Anyway, next post I'll give you my poker history, and where I'm currently at poker-wise, so you'll know what type/level of player I am. For now I would say fish/donkey would pretty well label me correctly.


Custo said...

Welcome mate! Very interesting reading so far I must say. Look forward to more posts. GL

beardyian said...

If you want one of those spammy emails, im sure i could find some for you :))

kerouacsdog said...

if you could Ian, but it has to be the one that goes from 1 inch to 7 inches, otherwise i can't do it.

SnGTurbo said...

cross link me kerouacsdog.

I'm doing a $50 to whatever blog, of course I managed to get to 99.25, and here I am back at $7.70. I'm going to add you. Page looks interesting to say the least so far lol

Larry chascewski said...

Looking forward to reading more KD.
The spammer comment was too funny.