Friday, 18 July 2008

Spare some loose change, guv, for a 10c mtt?!

Ok, this is begging, but so what?, it's my blog, and I have no pride left.
After spunking my PS bankroll this week, I'm down to 3 cents, which isn't gonna get me a game (other than a freeroll, and PS freerolls suck, big-time!), so Im looking for donations, so that I can play the 10 cent, 360 player turbo mtt and maybe cash? I need 7 cents, so I can play one, and I will bring my A game (equivalent to everyone else's X game) to it.
We can even split winnings if you like, I don't care, I just like playing those mtt's, and at the moment I can't afford to redeposit.
What say yee? Can you spare a dime for a guy down on his luck? (OK, I know I spunked it all away, but that doesn't sound as good!)
I'm Kerouacs Dog at PS, just in case you're tempted...................


rottyowner said...

check ur stars cashier for very happy dimes exchange. glglglglglglgl

kerouacsdog said...

rotty, you are a true friend, thankyou!
Will pay back when I win big(+50 cents!)