Thursday, 17 July 2008

Destroyed my bankroll, got banged up in a cell, then busted my hand....what a day!

So, started sunday really early (like, woke up at 4am, after 3 hours sleep!) by playing some poker. Ran hot for 2 or 3 hours, then rather stupidly decided to multi-table (I don't mt) and lost half of my bankroll(about $100 in total). That wasn't too bad, Ive done it before, I have my own 'special' tilt (when I'm super-tired, I get manic), so after I calm down I return my mental state of calmness.
So anyway, it's now 3pm (I pottered around after poker for a couple of hours), and I have to go meet the guys to play golf, it's a regular sunday afternoon thing.
Except this sunday, everyone's busy.
So I'm in town, couple of hours to spare, so have a couple of drinks at the harbour, then go play fruit machines for an hour or so (one of my many vices!).
So, in this arcade, I get into a row with someone I used to work with a long time ago. He had said something derogatory about me a while back and I hadn't seen him since. So, the row escalates and we step outside. I'm no aggresive fighter, I wait for the first punch, then defend myself to my best ability. So he swings at me, misses, and I launch my attack. A few more punches get exchanged, and then he runs off, and I let him go, having got the better of him.
I play the machines for another hour to calm down, then suddenly two policemen approach me, and promptly handcuff me, and throw me in a police van.
I find out that the allegation is that I have caused actual bodily harm (ABH) to another person.
I get thrown in a police holding cell (at the station, no windows, metal door, slot that opens from outside for food, etc) and a thin mattress on a stone-built bed. And that's it, oh, and a lightbulb, out of reach (I called the lightbulb 'lightie', he helped me through the night! (Bed was 'beddie', etc, I name stuff in that solitary so it felt like I had friends with me!
Anyway, let's try and cut this short: I get interviewed, etc, and go back to the cell. By now I'm hungry, real HUNGRY, so I bang on the door and ask for something to eat. Policeman tells me I have to wait. I get annoyed, he leaves me alone to calm down. Me, calm? Not in my state, this place, etc.
I walk to the opposite side of the cell from the metal door, brace myself, run at it, and punch it with my right hand. I swear, at the point of impact, I can hear the door laughing at me! My hand connects with the door, and this intense shock of pain courses through my right hand. Fuck, that hurts, kinda thing! OOOOWWWWEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
Fast forward, they let me out on bail 17 hours after I'd began my solitary confinement, and I am again, a free man (albeit on bail!). I sit down outside the police station, huddle up, and smoke 4 cigarettes in a row (I wasn't allowed to smoke in cell).
I get home 3 hours later, Liz is crying, as she didn't know how long I was going to be locked-up (police had informed her they were holding me). I placate her, then eventually go to bed, as I hadn't slept for about 40 hours in total up to that point.
Slept like a baby for 9 hours (record for me!), then logged back online, as I felt sure I had done some damage to my BR (as well as my right hand which was hurting like Hell, could hardly use it!) and this was what I found:
PokerStars $0.03
Full Tilt $15.40
Absolute $0.33
Virginpoker $80.12
Netteller $6.25
Total $102.13
So, from previous bankroll I'm down roughly $100, got a busted hand, out on bail, and being accused of ABH. Happy times!
PS Have to report back to police in two weeks, will post the result (if any?) then!

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Jurn8 said...

FUCK MAN !! i thought u hadnt been on CC for a while, Oh well at least you did him over!
Just say it was self defence as he threw the first punch and he abused you first
hope all goes well