Sunday, 27 July 2008

Just a brag

So, as I've been at work all week (nights), I haven't played much poker, apart from the odd ring session, or freeroll. This morning I sat down at virginpoker and played a 1 euro mtt, 70 entrants. I played tight/agressive all the way, with a few bluffs near the bubble.

Final table I was chipleader, by a long way, so I concentrated on the low to medium stacks, and tried to avoid the big stacks unless I had a hand. In the end I knocked out 7 of the last 8, and went into HU with 3-1 chips. It took 30 minutes, HU, but eventually I won, with a FH. Payout was 21 euros, for a 1 euro buy-in.


Custo said...

Knocking out 7 our of 8 is hot. I'll be wary if I ever meet you at a final table. Awesome job mate, keep it up. If you play on stars, yell out if you want a railer. Top effort

kerouacsdog said...

custo, thanks for comment, Im not that good, I just run good now and again. Will be back at PS soon, when I transfer some money over.
Thanks for reading my blog, will defo read yours soon!