Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Bankroll update

Haven't really played much poker lately, because of work/other commitments, and the poker I have played has just been donk play, where I'm not too bothered if I lose, as it's only micro buy-ins. I did play a $3 rebuy ($6000 gauranteed) at FT the other night, purely because a player I admire, and know through CardsChat was entered, and I was hoping to get on the same table as him. There were 753 entries, payout was to the top 126 players. I played tight from the start, rebought and added-on at the end of the rebuy period, so total entry was $9.30. I hit some good hands after the break, at one point I was 19th out of 250 left, but then there was a crazy hand where I flopped a set, but the other guy went all-in chasing his flush, which he caught on the river, to cripple me. I tilted for 5 minutes, let of some steam at the all-in guy, then apologised and said 'well played' to him, and got back to my game. In the end I came 93rd, for a payout of $16.64 so I made a small profit, but I was more happy to have played well throughout the mtt, and if the guy hadn't had hit his flush earlier, I think I might have final tabled it, with some luck.
My FT account has actually gone down, but that's only because I made a small competition on CardsChat to celebrate my 3oooth post, and awarded $5 to the winner.
Anyway, bankroll as of now:
PokerStars $0.05
Full Tilt $75.24
Absolute $0.33
Virgin $89.14
Rileys $55.43
Neteller $0.22
Total $220.41


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