Sunday, 10 August 2008

Won a $2 mtt at FullTilt!

So, played a $2 mtt this morning, as I hadn't played much poker all week, due to work/life commitments.

270 entries, I had a few good hands at the start, then went card-dead for a while, and at one point I was down to 4 big blinds, due to a suckout on the river from the other guy. So, I waited for decent hands, and kept pushing all-in, and managed to double up a few times.

Got into the cash, and then aimed for the final table (my usual plan), hit the final table of 9 in 6th place. FT was pretty aggresive, lots of PF action, I stayed out of the way unless I had a hand. Managed to get to final three, then started bluffing/reraising a lot and managed to get to be chipleader. Knocked out 3rd place, so was heads-up. Kept on reraising his limps, and betting big with hands PF, and got a nice 3-1 chiplead. And never looked back, cashed for $140, for a $2 buy-in, nice!

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cAPSLOCK said...

Most Excellent. I was rooting.