Saturday, 16 August 2008

Bankroll update

Just a br update, haven't played any poker since the FT mtt win really, the odd half an hour here or there at ring, but nothing of note. Played the OFC today at Absolute, finished 150th out of 1707, which is ok, but would have liked to have cashed. There were a few of us CCers in it, KingCurtis is still in, right now, I believe he's in the cash already?
Anyway, br as of now:
PokerStars $4.40
Full Tilt $200.89
Absolute $0.33
Virgin $97.83
Rileys $56.10
Neteller $0.22
Total $359.77
At least my br is heading in the right direction, and Im on holiday for 2 weeks soon, so will get a lot of poker in then, to make up for all the play I'm currently missing!

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