Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A little update

So, I've got a couple of followers now, so rather than bore them with just my 'bankroll update' Im gonna start writing this blog, so here goes:
Im currently playing 4fl at PS, and shot-taking at 10fl. I played a 1K hands at 4fl and won at 8.5bb/100, so now Im gonna play 10fl for a 1k hands and see what happens. Im way over-rolled for 10fl but I want to beat each level and move up slowly.
I also play mtts/sngs at both PS and FT, and Im staked for $25 at PS, playing $1.35 knockout sngs, both normal and turbo, when i have time.
Im concentrating on FL as it's a fun game, most of the action is post-flop, so as long as you play premium preflop, then the hand should play itself.
After I've mastered FL, I want to move onto NL HU, and specialise in that, alongside FL.
Good luck at the tables, to those who read this.

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