Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New beginnings

So, I logged into Cardschat(excellent poker forum) on saturday as I usually do every day, and found I was banned. Reason being that I sent malicious private messages to members. Well, they're private messages for a reason, they're private lol.
Ive been a member of CC for nearly 8 years, learnt a lot there, and made a lot of friends. Lately I'd had a few running battles with a few of the 'cool kids', as in they're not cool probably virgins with no RL friends lol. Anyway, the battles flared up, pushed me over the edge, I lost my cool, and got banned for it. Were they right to ban me? Probably. But I gave a lot to CC, staking people, contests, welcoming newbies, but the mods at cc dont take that into account. They are afraid of the cool kids and let them run the show.
Me? I'll move on. Found a nice new forum, pokerspace.com, registered at twoplustwo but that place is full of wankers, and I have my secret account at foursfull.com run by my favourite friend(not!) TylerN, so I might go wreck that place. Oh yeah, Im also a member at uncontestedpoker.
I miss CC, but not as much as I thought I would, I guess I miss the few decent people there, like the mods, and the loyallers. Most of them are friends with me on facebook, so I can talk to them there. I still go there every day, to see how my threads are doing, still getting posts which is good. I also pick up lots of information there from some of the excellent poker players at CC.
I wish the site all the best, I hope it continues to grow. No hard feelings from me.

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